Bergö fiskeområde

Bergö bys fiskelag och samfällighet
The waters are inland with a lot of reed bays and shallows in a scenic environment around a larger inhabited archipelago island that you can easily find shelter or wind in all weathers Please see the pdf map for protected areas and prohibited areas
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 Finnö bys samfällda vattenområde

Finnö Fiske och Byalag
Finnö village's common water area consists mostly of bays and islands with beautiful nature and protected areas. Varying water with both shallow and deep water. Pike and perch can be caught, sometimes even trout.
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 Godby Fiskesamfällighet

Godby fiskesamfällighet
The water is cut in Färjsundet along Godby beach. With reed coves and steep mountains with deep areas, perch, pike, zander and flounder are common.
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The Hammarudda map covers a large part of Åland's southwest coast with a large sea trout area, shallow beaches and islets in a marine environment. The Hammarudda card is a large card consisting of several fishing card areas that have been developed for anglers.
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Hulta samfällda vattenområden
Fishing waters stretch around Hulta land areas, 1616 ha. From Sibby in the west, Simskäla water in the north, Vargata in the east and Mångstekta in the south. Within the area there are islets, skerries and groats. The waters contain the common fish species that are known in the Åland archipelago.
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 Korsö fjärden och Väster fjärden.

Korsö fiskelag
The fishing area consists of sharp bays, fine "growls" and also deeper areas. There are plenty of pike, perch, and trout also come in spring and autumn.
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 Kumlinge bys samfällda fiskevatten

Kumlinge Fiskelag
The fishing water stretches from Abborrskär in the south to Rysskär in the north, from Ådö in the west to Segelgrunden in the east. The fishing area consists of many shallow bays and large water areas that are deeper with shallow pallets.
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Kungsö Fiskesamfällighet
Kungsö fishing area is located on the southern coast of Åland, a large sea trout area with shallow beaches and islets in a marine environment. Fishing is very suitable for trout fishing along the coast, salmon trolling in the sea belt and pike fishing in the inner bays.
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 Landskapets fiskekortsområden

Landskapets fastighetsverk
The province's fishing license areas offer a number of geographically dispersed fishing areas with varying environments in Åland's beautiful inner, middle and outer archipelago.
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Lemböte Fiskesamfällighet
Easily accessible near Mariehamn. The area includes the Lemland side of the beautiful Lemström canal, where it is possible to fish from the pier.
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Landskapets fastighetsverk
The Mariehamn card entitles to fishing in the specified area where most of the fishing water is in the immediate vicinity of the City of Mariehamn. Redemption of the Mariehamn card also entitles to fishing in the province's fishing license areas.
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 Seglinge fiskevatten

Seglinge Fiskelag & Samfällda vatten
Welcome to Sailing and our fish-rich waters! Here the conditions are good for getting a pacifier. The area is varied with everything from many bays and flats to open archipelago fishing. The fishing license is well suited for pike and perch fishing but also whitefish, trout and herring.
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Snäckö Bys Fiskelag
The water on the western side of Snäckö and Björkholm is of the type between the archipelago, and has a direct connection to the sea. Here is the sandy bottom with elements of stone and occasional seaweed bottoms, as well as deep reeds and mountain beaches.
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 Södra Marsund

Södra Marsunds Fiskevårdsförening
The contiguous fishing license area is extensive from north to south Marsund located between Hammarland and Eckerö municipality. The fishing area varies with both deep reed edges to shallow shores around the islands. The area has good access to trout, pike and perch.
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 Tengsöda Tengsöda fiskelag och samfällda

Tengsöda fiskelag och samfällda
Tengsöda fishing water is located on the north-eastern mainland of Åland and consists of a long north-facing bay with approx. 7 km of shoreline, a few smaller bays with islets and shoals. Tengsöda fishing grounds border Långbergsöda in the north, and Sibby and Hulta in the east.
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 Vandöfjärden, Ödkarby viken, Tellviken

Ödkarby, Sålis och Ovanåker Byar Samfällighet
Vandöfjärden has a stable population of pike and partly perch, zander can occur. There is a boat launch in the northern part. Ödkarbyviken has a stable population of pike and perch as well as zander and sturgeon in spring and autumn. Launching is possible in the northern part (over meadow).
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 Vesterkalmare bys fiskevatten

Vesterkalmare Byalag
Open bay between Kalmarnäs cape and Mariehamn, which in the middle borders Mariehamn's water area. At the far north of the bay there are some reeds and along Kalmarnäs the beach is shallow with occasional reeds.
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 Västra Delvik

Västra Mångstekta Fiskelag
Welcome to Västra Mångstekta's fishing waters in Delvik! The fishing water extends mainly around the peninsula Lillholmen and Storholmen in Delvik. To the east, the fishing water borders Östra Mångstekta's fishing waters. In the West towards Vivasteby.
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 Ytterbyviken, Ösundet, Lumparn

Ytterby Byalag
Welcome to fishing in Ytterby's fishing water area! A varied fishing water with fine reeds in Ytterbyviken in the west and rocky beaches and smaller reeds in the east towards Lumparn.
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 Östergeta vattenområden

Östergeta Bys Samfällda
Varying fishing waters from the open sea to the inner archipelago. In the north there is sea trout, closer to land recognized good water for pike and perch.
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 Överboda Fiskelag

Överboda Fiskelag
The waters in Överboda village offer fishing opportunities both in and out of the water. The waters on the east side of the village are a beautiful inner archipelago with over 30 km of shoreline to fish on consisting of rock outcrops, stone beaches and reed bays that can be fished in all weathers.
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Sweden map by user 'Lokal_Profil' at Wikimedia, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.