Östergeta Bys Samfällda


Östergeta vattenområden

  Åland / Geta.

In Liström, which is an inner bay, there is the launching ramp and there are the sharp beaches where the pike play and the bay has a depth of 3m.

Outside there is the shallow bay where there are 700m of sparse reeds where they are a depth of 2m outside the reeds. In the southern part of the area in Engrundfjärden, the "stack" is a shallow area from 1-3m with deep edges down to 7m in the east. At "Stacken" there is recognized good perch fishing both in open water and ice fishing

North of Engrundfjärden are areas of shallow water with islands that have small bays with reeds.

Outside the foundations, there is an area that is a little deeper 4m where they are sandy bottom with the possibility of targeting whitefish in the spring.

Then there is a small shallow area before you come out to sea with mountains along the shores and deep water down to 30m. Where they occur trout

In the middle of the area, in the south, we have Mönnsfladan, which is an inner cove with a depth down to 3m and reeds next to the beaches where they are, there can be good pike fishing after the ice melts, but before we ban fishing during the pike spawning period 15/4- 15/5

The inlet is dredged where we cut reeds annually to obtain good water flow in order to try to preserve a good water quality in the estuary.

Outside is Revelsfjärden where they are varied with some bays with reeds and beaches with mountains and in the east towards Boklob there are a lot of shallows.

And in the north towards the sea there are several bays with rocky bottoms that are surrounded by mountains and rocks where trout are found.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

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Östergeta Bys Samfällda

The community of Östergeta village manages the common water areas through fisheries management, planting pike, whitefish and trout fry, takes care of the embossing box for sea trout during the summer, collection of pike roe in the spring and whitefish in the fall, which are delivered to the Åland Fisheries Management Centre. Carry out reed cutting to obtain good water quality in the headland

Provides boat berths for hire and launch ramp in Lisström.

Fishing licenses are sold to, among other things, finance fisheries management.

Customer number: 1209, Area: 1210.

Contact persons

Jonas Öhberg 

Telefon: +358400997681


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