The Swedish "Everyman's right" ("Allemansrätt") does not include fishing, fishing rights in private waters belongs to the property owner. To fish in lakes and rivers, one has to get hold on a fishing license for the relevant fishing waters. Each and every person is also required to know the rules that applies in the water that you want to fish in.

Violation of the rules and laws of the fisheries legislation and its associated regulations leads to public prosecution. Those who violate the statutory fishing regulations can be fined or imprisoned according to Swedish law. Violation of these regulations could lead to confiscated fishing gear, which may also apply to other equipment such as boats.

Inspection fees

A fishery conservation area association ("FVOF") may charge an inspection fee ("Control fee") of a fisherman who fish within the fishery conservation area, and that violates the association's own local fishing rules. The fee was introduced in 2011 when the Act (1981: 533) of fishing areas, shortened "LOFO", was modernized (SFS 2010: 1874).

When someone violates the fishery conservation association rules, the supervisor of fishing will make a call which can then be completed with the collection. Inspection fees may only be applied to fishery conservation associations, not by other lessors of fishing. The charge can not be levied on illegal fishing (fishing without permission) or illegal fishing where the fisherman violating official regulations under the Fisheries Act.

The mission for the fish supervisor's is to be regarded as a public mission which provides enhanced penalty protection under Chapter 17. Penal Code. If a fish supervisor is subjected to any violence or threats of violence during their service, the offender could be sentenced under a severe penalty scale. Violence or threats against officials can lead to a prison sentence of four years.


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