Seglinge Fiskelag & Samfällda vatten


Seglinge fiskevatten

  Åland / Kumlinge.

Welcome to Sailing and our fish-rich waters!

Here the conditions are good for getting a pacifier. The area is varied with everything from many bays and flats to open archipelago fishing. The fishing license is well suited for pike and perch fishing but also whitefish, trout and herring.

It is possible to launch a boat at the guest harbor and at the shop there is the opportunity to refuel and buy other necessities.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Seglinge Fiskelag & Samfällda vatten

Sailing fishing teams and joint waters arrange the fishing and the care of the fishing water so that the duration of the fishing stock is secured.

This by e.g. restoration of play areas, reed cutting and planting of fish fry. Every year, 1000 trout fry are planted.

Organization number: 2600328-5

Customer number: 1213, Area: 1214.

Contact persons

Jonas Österlund 
+358 457 343 1450


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