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  Information on free fishing for children and young people!

The Swedish right of public access ("allemansrätten") means that you can walk and stay almost anywhere you want in the Swedish nature, only if you do not disturb or destroy anything. Fishing is NOT a part of this public right and recreational fishing is not free from rules and regulations. There is no rule or law in Sweden that says that children and young people gets to fish for free because of their young age, but this varies from fishing area to area. Sweden is divided into thousands of fishing areas, all with their own rules and regulations. However, almost all of them are very positive about giving a young generation the chance to try out the angling hobby.

Everyone has the right to fish with hand gear in the salt sea, along the coast and in the five big lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön in Jämtland. In all other waters, however, a permission is required from those who own the fishing water, usually by purchasing a fishing license ("fiskekort") that gives you the right to fish for a certain period of time.


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