Missing just that specific water you'd like to fish in at iFiske?

"It would be so good if all the waters were included in your service" is probably one of the most frequent comments we get. If only it had been easy to centrally sign up all areas, noone would be happier than us - unfortunately, that's not quite possible.

iFiske is not entitled to sell fishing licenses in waters that are not connected to our service. Since we cannot sign up all fishing waters in Sweden in one go, we have to sign contracts with each of them; one by one! For an area to be present at iFiske.ax, the areas fishing conservatory Association or the company that owns the fishing rights, need to sign a contract with iFiske.

If you are missing your favorite water, you can help us, by telling the responsible persons for the area or company about iFiske.ax. It's easy for them to sell their permits through iFiske, and it requires no investment or fees to get started.

A good start is to ask the association or the company to read our information brochure:

https://www.ifiske.se/pdf/iFiske_Infoblad.pdf  (Available in Swedish only)



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