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Oh! I need to do a "buying back" (return / refund) can you help me out?

If the fishing permit is not valid yet, no problem. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enter the details of the purchase, for example, number of the fishing permit card, and we will solve it. → End user terms

If the fishing permit is valid at the time, it could still be solved. In this case, you must contact the current fishery conservation or organization for a written approval of those sent to us, as it's (legally) their product.

Help, I got a receipt/fishing permit intended for another person, to my mail or SMS that I know I have not bought!

Do not worry. We have not drawn any money from you. Someone most probably entered the wrong information when applying for a fishing permit, and accidentally entered your phone number or email address. Probably the person typed in very similar address or number.

Do I have to have a user account on iFiske to buy a fishing permit?

No! (But for your own convenience, the account makes it a lot easier, then you can save your address information, and even access your purchased a fishing permit at a later date. And the account it's all free!)

Can I upgrade my fishing permit from weekly to annual, if I pay the difference?

If the fishing permit has not been activated yet, we can do a "buying back", and you will have to buy a new fishing permit. If the fishing permit has already taken effect, we can not upgrade or downgrade permit.

I lost the fishing permit, can you send it to me?

The easiest way would be to make a free user account on iFiske, and then under "My Pages" enter your email address and your telephone number. On both website and app, you will be able to see your purchased fishing permit. If you have purchased a fishing permit by text message, you can also see them, but this is only possible if you connected your moible number to My Pages during the purchase of your user account on iFiske. 

Not found it yet? Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enter the area concerned, together with your name, email and phone number and we will send it again.

I bought a fishing permit, but it does not appear in the app?

See the previous question. The mobile number that you used when buying the fishing permit (the SMS purchase), must be the same as the number you provided in our app and/or website. Fishing permit bought via sms can not be automatically linked to the account you log on to, if you do not connect your mobile phone number to the user account. You are able to do that at "My Pages" on www.iFiske.ax

For you who fish ...

What is a fishing permit?

A swedish fishing permit ("Fiskekort") is a personal permit to sport fish in specific waters under certain conditions. They are usually sold by the owners of the water areas via a fishery conservation association for recreational anglers. In some cases, state, private or a local fishing club stand behind the permits. → Read More: What's a fishing permit?

Do I also need a national fishing license?

In Sweden, we don't have the concept of a national "fishing license". However, you always need is a valid fishing permit for the specific area where you plan to fish (see below)

Do I really need a fishing permit?

Free fishing is not included in the "everyman's right". Free fishing in Sweden is limited to Sweden's coastal strip as well as in the five large lakes Vänern, Vättern, Mälaren, Hjälmaren and Storsjön. Rules apply here as well. For more information, see http://www.svenskafiskeregler.se/).

If you do happen to fish in other waters, you need permit to fish, ie a fishing permit. In Sweden there are about 2000 known fishing areas (FVO) and about as many clubs and other organizations tht sell fishing permits (eg via iFiske). Fishing areas may also be private or leased to companies or associations.

Can several people use same fishing permit?

Most likely no. A fishing permit is personal (and non-transferable). Local exceptions and rules may apply, and in many cases are also offered so-called Family Card. Read the fishing rules for the area where you plan to buy a fishing permit for more information.

How does it work with fishing permit and iFiske?

Compared to old tradition fishing permits, we do not sell fishing permits on paper. You buy the card rather than electronically via the website, app or SMS. We will send it to you as SMS and Mail (with PDF), you can see it in our App as well. Payment is made via SMS (WyWallet), Bank Payment, card or invoice.

How do I bring along an iFiske "fishing permit" to my fishing trip?

The six-digit code will be your fishing permit, so bring your cell
phone or write down the number. You can also print the PDF that was provided to you via mail (When buying on the Web) or access your fishing permit from our App.

Can you help me to plan my fishing trip? Where should I go? How and where do I fish?

With all due respect and without intention to be unfriendly, we are not a tourist agency and unfortunately, we can’t offer any general fishing advice or tourist information services. We are a small IT company which sells fishing permits on behalf of the fishing conservation areas that signed an agreement with us. Even though we are active anglers ourselves, we have very limited knowledge of what applies locally to fishing in the area where you intend to fish.  For most fishing areas at iFiske, there's public contact information specified (email/phone) that you can turn to for questions. You can search for fishing possibilities through our map, and read about fish species and fishing techniques at our web. Please keep in mind that iFiske does not represent all Swedish fishing areas (There are several thousand). Therefore, it is often a good idea to contact the regional tourist information, or look at the municipality or county administrative websites and search for fishing. To search for specific fishes, and see where and how they're caught, check out our searchable public catch report database. In this database, you can search for a specific fish species, narrow it down specific swedish regions, and see the weather and fishing method used.


Do children/youth need a fishing permit?

There is no general law or regulation in Sweden that says that children and young people can fish for free. However, many areas have chosen to offer free fishing for children and young people, often accompanied by an adult. Read the rules for fishing in the area you want to know more about. If not specified, it most likely requires a fishing permits.

Is there a fishing permit covering all Sweden? Is there a fishing permit for the "whole county"?

No. In Sweden there is no coordinated fishing permit based on a certain county, In some cases, however, a number of FVO goes together and do offer fishing permits in larger areas. Often these are referred to as "tourist fishing permit".

Why isn't lake/river XXXX found at iFiske? I want to buy a fishing permit which ...

iFiske has no ”county-wide” right to sell fishing permits in Sweden. We only sell fishing permits for areas that have signed agreements with us. You are welcome to inform the association about providing permits digitally. In this way we can create a agreement with the association.
→ Read More: Missing waters at iFiske

Illegal fishing, known as poaching, is a legal offense. Upon conviction, the fisherman could have his fishing equipment seized. Since 2011, fish conservations areas in Sweden have the right to act and do inspections of those who violate the rules. Inspection fees can often be as high as several thousand kronors in cost. → Read More: Laws and regulations related to illegal fishing

Why fishing permits?

With a fishing permit, the owner of the water can keep track on the total amount of fish in the water. They can also raise money for important water conservation measures. The actual permits functions as a large part of the financing of the important measures in our waters. Revenues are being used to finance the replanting of young fish, liming and other water and fish conservation measures, but also as a financial compensation to owners of fishing rights (landowners).

Compared to other stores, is iFiske more expensive than others when it comes to fishing permits?

No, permits on iFiske are not more expensive than in local stores. We are a retailer of fishing permits, and the actual sellers are those who put final price. iFiske dont set the final customer prices. iFiske sell and manages the permits to increase the availability and reduce the administration and cash management for these sellers. In some cases it may occur minor price differences between fishing permit in physical shops, and those sold through iFiske

For those of you who are part of an association or organization ...

What kind of company is iFiske? Jighead AB?

iFiske is a service operated by an IT company (jighead AB) who are specialists in handling digital fishing permit and catch reports. → Read more: iFiske and Jighead AB

What is required to get started, and sell through you?

You need to have a decision on selling through us, and information about your area available (eg prices, fishing rules, a description of your water, etc.). Email us, we will send you a link to an adjacent page. There, you accept our terms and gives us a right to become a reseller of your permit. Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 013-73330 and we will help you get started!

Is iFiske meant only for large areas / associations?

No! iFiske is for all associations, clubs and companies who offer fishing on presentation of the permit.

What does it cost to sell through you?

We have no connection fee, annual fee or any hidden charges. We work entirely on commission by selling fishing permits. In our brochure you will find the current commission levels.

How do we control the permits?

Either through the lists that you print and take with you out on the water, or via a mobile phone. We have a special number you can send an SMS to, so you get answers within seconds about validity of the card. If you have a smartphone, you can also use QR codes, or a mobile-friendly website for the controls.

Is it not possible for the customer to cheat the system by getting a permit when they see the supervisor approaching?

All fishing permits are time-stamped accurately when they are purchased, and we also have an option to delay delivery of the fishing permit after the purchase is complete.


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