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Jighead AB, the company behind "iFiske" is run by persons who are both knowledgeable entrepreneurs and anglers themselves. We are the pioneers in the digital arena, and as early as 2001 we begun to issue digital fishing permits. Today we are the Swedish market leader and since we begun we've issued over 3957 fishing permits. Each year the number of visitors and sold fishing permits increases.

On iFiske pay using your VISA, MasterCard or online banking (SEB, Nordea, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Danske Bank). For Swedish citizens, the Swish service can also be used. After the purchase, we deliver the Fishing Permit directly as both a text message and an email with an attached PDF. The purchased permit will also appear in the iFiske app, provided you are logged into the app and your user account is the same as the email address you stated on the fishing permit.

Missing just that specific water you'd like to fish in at iFiske?

"It would be so good if all the waters were included in your service" is probably one of the most frequent comments we get. If only it had been easy to centrally sign up all areas, noone would be happier than us - unfortunately, that's not quite possible.

Version 3.0, 2016-04-26

(These conditions apply to consumers, not to be confused with iFiskes service contract for affiliated organizations or traders. Version 3 is extended with the conditions for the purchase of products and downloads via iFiskes portal)

Thank you for using iFiskes services! Here you can buy fishing permits and related products and also create fishing reports in a secure and convenient way. We are committed to treat your personal information in a safe and secure way and at the same time offering you high availability of our services.


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Welcome to the Swedens leading service for digital fishing permits!

We are specialists in handling digital fishing permits and catch reports. Digital fishing permits, also called fishing permit online, or e-fishing permits are sold via the Internet, SMS or via dealer. This means greatly facilitated administration and major environmental advantages. 

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