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  Åland / Geta.

The water on the western side of Snäckö and Björkholm is of the type between the archipelago, and has a direct connection to the sea. Here is the sandy bottom with elements of stone and occasional seaweed bottoms, as well as deep reeds and mountain beaches.

During mainly the early summer, large amounts of herring occur here. During the autumn and spring, sea trout and whitefish are also found.

Kalvfjärden, which is located on the eastern side of Snäckö, is more narrow and is connected by a narrow canal in the northern part, as well as through Korsnäs Sound and Bankholms Sound in the southern part. Here are shallow vegetation-rich bays as well as spawning areas and nursery areas for mainly pike and perch.

In Kalvfjärden, there is a varied bottom structure that is mainly characterized by dense vegetation, but also grains with hard bottoms, deep reeds and steep mountain beaches. Please note that there are areas that are protected between 31 March and 15 June, see map.

Pike and perch of varying sizes are found throughout the year throughout the fishing license area, pikeperch also occur.

There are boat ramps with parking available near Snäckö. A boat ramp on the east side in Kalvfjärden by Knutnäs swimming beach and a boat ramp at Hällö pier northwest of Snäckö.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Snäckö Bys Fiskelag

Snäckö village's communal water, income from sold fishing licenses goes, among other things, to keeping the water in good condition. Cutting of reeds, restoration of play areas etc.

We plant about 20,000 pike fry annually, and release sea trout smolt.

Organization number: 2406293-5

Customer number: 1201, Area: 1201.

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